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Area (sq km): 20,779
Population: 2,903,085
Nationality: Welsh
Local Name: Gwlad,
Language: English,
Time Zone: GMT
Currency: 1 pound =
100 pence
Capital: Cardiff
Dialling Code: +44
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .uk
Religion: Presbyterian,
Roman Catholic
Climate: Maritime
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 9.30-16.00
Major Airports: Cardiff(CWL),

Top attractions from cottages for rent in Wales

This wonderful area of the United Kingdom has so much to offer travellers who book cottages for rent in Wales. Some of the top attractions in Wales include Portmeirion, Caernarfon Castle and St David's Cathedral.

Caernarfon Castle
Caernarfon Castle

North Wales is home to one of the most interesting places to visit, Portmeirion where you can reserve cottages for rent in Wales to make your stay more comfortable. Try to imagine Portofino come to life in Wales by the sea. Now you are getting the picture, and will quickly understand why it is a top attraction in Wales. The town of Portmeirion resides on a hillside of trees overlooking the Cardigan Bay. The area of undeveloped forest was bought by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis in 1925.

Over the next 50 years he built a town reminiscent of Italy and more specifically Portofino. If you haven’t heard of the town maybe you have heard of Portmeirion Pottery for which the city is also known. While visiting Portmeirion see one of the villages earliest and most special landmarks, the Hotel Portmeirion. This will be a most special alternative of you are not seeking cottages for rent in Wales.

Caernarfon Castle & King Edward I

Per mile, Wales has the most castles in the world! Caernarfon Castle is the most celebrated castle in Wales. Its fame and notoriety may not equal the Palace of Versailles, but it should. During the 13th century English King Edward I began building spectacular castles across North Wales as a show of power and supremacy over the Welsh people.

His crowning achievement in architecture is Caernarfon Castle, birthplace of Edward II who was given the title of Prince of Wales, now the title given to the first born of the British crown.

Aside from its rich history and its impeccable condition, Caernarfon Castle is famous for its commanding presence. Caernarfon Castle sits on the Seiont River. Its design was inspired by Constantinople and has not fallen short in grandeur. If you are visiting cottages for rent in Wales, Caernarfon Castle should be a part of your itinerary.

St David's Cathedral

Wales’s most impressive religious monument and most sacred site is easily St David's Cathedral. St David is the Patron Saint of Wales. He began a monastic community in 550 AD on the same ground now home to St David's Cathedral. With the construction of St David's Cathedral beginning in the 12th century many other religious houses have been built in the area. During the Middle Ages St David’s Cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the British Isles.

Visit the shrine of St David and the ruined Bishop's Palace, once home of stately apartments. St Non was St David's mother and you can also visit St Non's Church and Well. Interesting purple coloured buildings stand out among the lush green forest and grounds with ancient burial markings dotting the verdant courtyard. can help you find wonderful cottages for rent in Wales and you are never too far away from a number of top attractions in Wales.

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