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Area (sq km): 20,779
Population: 2,903,085
Nationality: Welsh
Local Name: Gwlad,
Language: English,
Time Zone: GMT
Currency: 1 pound =
100 pence
Capital: Cardiff
Dialling Code: +44
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .uk
Religion: Presbyterian,
Roman Catholic
Climate: Maritime
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 9.30-16.00
Major Airports: Cardiff(CWL),

Wales cottages for weekend festivals

The Cardiff Summer Festival in Wales is the biggest outdoor UK festival, one that you can celebrate in Wales cottages. It boasts fairs, concerts, children’s entertainment, street theatre, and plenty of live music. Book cottages in Wales weekend visits to Cardiff Festival which is made up of the Cardiff Worldport Festival, the International Food & Drink Festival, the International Street Festival and much more.

Cardiff Festival
Cardiff Festival

The Cardiff Festival takes place from June- August each year at venues like the Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans and Everyman Open Air Theatre. Most of the events are free. The summer long festival has turned into an umbrella festival of many smaller summer events. Peruse the website for Wales cottages close to the excitement of the Cardiff Summer Festival.

The Cardiff Outdoor Action Show

In late June the Cardiff Outdoor Action Show is held at Roald Dahl Pass on the Inner Harbour of Cardiff Bay. Admission is free. There are competitions for kayaking, canoeing, skating and much more.

Cardiff Worldport Festival

Worldport is either late June or the first of July. Cardiff Worldport Festival has a number of free stages for all varieties of live music spanning four amazing nights. Worldport is a massive part of the summer event schedule and is not to be missed. Past genres have included Spanish flamenco, Argentinean tango, gypsy guitarists and Brazilian samba.

The incredible beats make for a fantastic and energetic show. Venues include the Gate Arts Centre, the Wales Millenium Centre, St Davids Hall, the Toucan Club and the Norwegian Church. Make your reservations now for Wales cottages during the Worldport Festival.

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival

The Cardiff Food & Drink Festival takes place by Cardiff Bay at the Roald Dahl Pass. Admission is free. The area changes into a maze of tents with traditional Welsh cuisine side by side with the best of what Europe has to offer. The dates for this event are in mid-July and change each year.

TESCO Children’s Festival at Cardiff Castle

In late July at Cooper’s Field in Bute Park, is the weekend loved by all children. The Cardiff Castle provides a fairytale backdrop for the kids. There is a circus, robots, music and interactive games for the children at the TESCO Children’s Festival. There are also animal shows, sports and science fiction workshops.

Welsh Proms

In late July, at the grand St David’s Hall, you can be treated to symphony concerts, philharmonic orchestras and moving operas during the Welsh Proms. The people dress in their best to welcome the many talents that grace the stages for the much anticipated Welsh Proms.

Admiral Cardiff Big Weekend

Modern music lovers: pay attention! The Civic Centre in Cardiff hosts the grand finale to the Cardiff Summer Festival. At the beginning of August Admiral Cardiff Big Weekend parties hard for the long weekend. During the day the UK’s largest travelling fairground has games, food, comic acts and the like. Each night is a massive (and free) concert followed by impressive fireworks. Expect major UK and American bands to take to the stage and entertain thousands of dancing and drinking music lovers.

Other Events at Cardiff Summer Festival

The Cardiff Castle Open Air Theatre hosts great shows as does the Everyman Open Air Theatre. The Fringe@Cardiff Festival at Bute Theatre puts on interesting productions. The Plasticiens Volants put on a great street theatre at WOW on the Waterfront by Cardiff Bay. Jump on boats and explore the nautical world during the Mermaid Quay Cardiff Harbour Festival. Book Wales cottages with and experience all these wonderful events on your holiday to Wales.

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