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Area (sq km): 83,600
Population: 3,563,000
Nationality: Emirati
Local Name: UAE
Language: Arabic,
Time Zone: + 4 GMT
Currency: 1 dirham =
100 fils
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Dialling Code: +971
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ae
Religion: Muslim
Climate: Desert
Government: Federation
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: Sa-Th 8.00 -13.00
Major Airports: Abu Dhabi(AUH),
Al Ain(AAN),

UAE villas and the UAE Desert Challenge

You can stay in UAE villas to visit the most demanding of the desert rallies in the UAE - the UAE Desert Challenge. Annually this 5 day race through the unforgivable UAE desert attracts teams from across the world.

UAE Desert Challenge
UAE Desert Challenge

There is nothing easy about desert rallies, especially the UAE Desert Challenge as you’ll see if you visit from UAE villas. The conditions are harsh and the programme is usually long, spanning 5 days in the unforgivable desert. Sand is the enemy of the engine and the UAE Desert Challenge drivers suffer from dehydration, which if not treated can be life threatening and disorienting.

UAE Desert Challenge

The only respite comes at night when drivers exit the car to rest before another day battling other racers and attempting to conquer the desert. And yet the sport is massively popular with teams entering competitions from all over the world.

Wherever there is a desert there are desert rallies and the UAE Desert Challenge is among the most taxing. Make your reservations today at UAE villas and get in on the rally action.

UAE villas for Prologue of Dubai

One of the most anticipated UAE desert rallies is the UAE Desert Challenge. The rally usually begins in late October or early November and lasts for five hot, demanding and exhausting days. The rally begins in Dubai with what is known as the Prologue of Dubai. It is the qualifying round which determines in which order the racers run in.

This is a very popular day for spectators, many of whom stay in UAE villas, as they are introduced to the racing teams. The actual start of the race occurs the following day setting off in the UAE capital city, grand Abu Dhabi. From Abu Dhabi the racers gear towards Moreeb. The next three days are spent competing in the desert surrounding Moreeb. On the 5th and final day they head to Dubai for the culmination of the UAE Desert Challenge.

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