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Area (sq km): 83,600
Population: 3,563,000
Nationality: Emirati
Local Name: UAE
Language: Arabic,
Time Zone: + 4 GMT
Currency: 1 dirham =
100 fils
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Dialling Code: +971
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ae
Religion: Muslim
Climate: Desert
Government: Federation
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: Sa-Th 8.00 -13.00
Major Airports: Abu Dhabi(AUH),
Al Ain(AAN),

Discover UAE heritage from cheap apartment in Dubai

Experiencing UAE heritage, especially when you can rent a cheap apartment in Dubai, is an amazing journey beginning with the tribal UAE heritage.

Jumeirah Mosque
Jumeirah Mosque

UAE heritage

UAE music tells stories of the ancient days and Islam in the UAE is a massive ingredient in selfless UAE culture. With so much culture and heritage to discover, delight in the riches of the land's people when you stay in a cheap apartment in Dubai.

Arab tribes

The desert tribes are the foundation for the modern day success of this desert nation and UAE heritage. What is now the UAE was inhabited by Arab tribes as far back as the first millennium BC. The tribes managed to thrive under such harsh conditions purely through ingenuity, resourcefulness and selflessness.

The main source of pride in a family came from their willingness to support all members of their family, even extended family. You can learn more about this fascinating history when you choose a cheap apartment in Dubai.

UAE heritage & discovery of oil in Middle East

The individual families also contributed to the tribe as a whole. Thus the stronger families helped support the weaker ones until they could manage on their own and they then in turn would do the same for others.

The tribes thrived around the coast and near oases where they learning the art of irrigation, creating date gardens to sustain them. The main tribe of the region was the Bani Yas that inhabited now Abu Dhabi and Dubai emirates. It was the discovery of oil in the Middle East that would change the face of this nation forever.

Music of UAE

Song and dance in the UAE is a fundamental part of culture. During the days of the tribes the people lacked other forms of artistic expression and so they sang songs, played music and danced.

The songs and dance were key ingredients to any festival and celebration as they so often are today when you rent a cheap apartment in Dubai. Songs were a ways to pass stories through the generations.

Music of UAE also has a more practical use to inspire teamwork and chores. Music was used as a means by which to complete daily tasks. Particular songs were sung during walks to and from water wells. Often the beats would keep time with the pace of the people walking.

Music of UAE was present when diving for pearls, cooking meals, rowing and collecting dates. The music and collective efforts of the people has built the strong sense of teamwork innate the people if the UAE, all of which you can see first-hand when you choose to stay in a cheap apartment in Dubai.

Islam in the UAE

Islam is the religion of the UAE. Islam in the UAE is attributed to the success of its people under such harsh desert living. The Islamic faith is a part of daily life in the UAE and it very important to the people. Every village, no matter how small or remote, has access to a mosque.

The most holy day is Friday with three main prayer sessions throughout the day. The salat is the name given to the ritual of the prostrating men set in rows. Visiting the mosques is an important part of relating to UAE culture.

Be respectful, dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering a mosque. Not yet completed is the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, which will be one of the most impressive and largest mosques in the world and an iconic figure to Islam in the UAE. When you book a cheap apartment in Dubai the Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai is beautiful and a trip here is worthwhile.

Immerse yourself in the history, culture and life of this fascinating country. Book a cheap apartment in Dubai or find a villa rental Dubai and explore the UAE heritage and culture.

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