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Area (sq km): 83,600
Population: 3,563,000
Nationality: Emirati
Local Name: UAE
Language: Arabic,
Time Zone: + 4 GMT
Currency: 1 dirham =
100 fils
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Dialling Code: +971
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ae
Religion: Muslim
Climate: Desert
Government: Federation
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: Sa-Th 8.00 -13.00
Major Airports: Abu Dhabi(AUH),
Al Ain(AAN),

Al Ain from Abu Dhabi rental apartment

When you decide to take a trip to Al Ain from an Abu Dhabi rental apartment it is a journey into a true Arabian city and idyllic desert oasis. The city itself seems magical and Al Ain attractions introduce you to generous Arabian culture and heritage.

Al Ain camel market
Al Ain camel market

When you book an Abu Dhabi rental apartment, you must visit Al Ain in the Abu Dhabi emirate of the UAE, which is the fourth largest city in the country. It is a gorgeous inland city that borders Oman with its sister city Al Buraimi, Oman. Think green, lush desert oasis and now you have a fair idea about Al Ain.

While the UAE’s cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most popular destinations in the UAE, Al Ain is the true home of Arabian culture. Experience the opulence of Arab culture by taking a worthwhile journey from your Abu Dhabi rental apartment.

Places in Al Ain

The oasis that grew into Al Ain has been visited by desert cultures for thousands of years as is evident in its amazing archaeological excavations. Because the city is inland and has not yet made it mark on the international tourism map it retains its cultural magnificence and its heritage is very much alive and celebrated.

The city of Al Ain lies on the eastern border of the UAE adjacent to Oman. It is surrounded by rolling red sand dunes. The great Jebel Hafeet Mountain looms over the city and at its base are the mysterious mineral springs that have given life to the Al Ain.

Holiday homes in Al Ain

Although Al Ain is a desert city and is very hot, the humidity that is present at the coastal towns is not found here. This makes the heat quite tolerable. So much so in fact that many residents of Abu Dhabi have weekend and holiday homes in Al Ain.

Al Ain is only one and one-half hours drive from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai along a tree-lined motorway. While the expatriates gather along the coast, the people of Al Ain are nationals and are intent on keeping the city rich in Arabian tradition. The buildings in Al Ain cannot exceed 4 floors and the park areas are all well looked after

Gold souk in Al Ain

While visiting Al Ain you will have a host of great things to do and see. Simply exploring the city by foot or car is rewarding. The roundabouts are all different having sculptures, flowering gardens and fountains in the middle. The streets are narrow and tree-lined giving the city a warm natural ambiance.

This calming effect can be quickly wiped away by visiting the more raucous of Al Ain attractions. One such amazing attraction is the Camel Market in Al Ain. The many souks (Arab markets), including the impressive gold souks, are an absolute must experience.

Shopping in Al Buraimi

For more shopping you can cross over into Al Buraimi in Oman without a visa. Al Ain attractions also include Al Ain Palace and Al Ain National Museum housing wonderful desert and Arabian artefacts. Fun City is an amusement park and Al Ain Zoo display many exotic creatures.

Start the day in the comfort of an Abu Dhabi rental apartment and spend the afternoon atop Jebel Hafeet Mountain and see the desert stretching far into the distance obscured by the heat. Al Ain features many tour operators running camel treks and 4-wheel trips into the desert.

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