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Area (sq km): 780,580
Population: 69,660,559
Nationality: Turkish,
Local Name: Turkiye
Language: Turkish,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 lira = 100 kurus
Rate: www.xe.com
Capital: Ankara
Dialling Code: +90
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .tr
Religion: Muslim
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-12.00, 13.30-17.00
Major Airports: Ankara(ESB),

Turkey villas & Troy

Lovers of mythology and literature will adore visiting Troy and relaxing in Turkey villas. This legendary city is romantic, picturesque and full of legends and fables. The present day City of Troy is an archaeological site and is based near the town of Truva.

Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

City of Troy

Troy is a city forever marked down in our history books, and one worth marking in your memory when you rent villas in Turkey. Troy is famous for being the centre of the Trojan War, which was fought between the Trojans and the Greeks and lasted about 10 years. Troy tourism includes such amazing structures to visit as the mythical Trojan horse and numerous ancient ruins.

Archaeological excavations of Troy have amazingly uncovered nine different periods of settlement! The best way to get to Troy is via a ferry from the port town of Canakkale or a bus from the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. Either way, enjoy all that is Troy when you book Turkey villas.

The Trojan Horse

The most famous tourist attraction in Troy, of course, is the Trojan Horse. This is a replica wooden horse that was given to the Trojans by the Greek Army. In the story of the Trojan Horse, it is written that the Greek Army conquered the Trojans by pretending to abandon their shores, therefore appearing to have surrendered the war. Instead they erected a giant wooden horse in which they hid.

One member of the Greek Army stayed behind to convince the Trojans that the Greeks had left and that this horse was an offering from Athena. In celebration of winning the war, the Trojans took the horse so not to offend Athena. After their celebrations ended and the last Trojan had fallen asleep, the Greek Army exited the horse, and proceeded to conquer the City of Troy.

Troy legends: Zeus, Helen of Troy & Homer’s Illiad

When you rent Turkey villas there are many infamous legends of the City of Troy. Helen of Troy, for one, was famous for her beauty, and was the daughter of Zeus. Legend has it Helen of Troy, abducted by Paris, the son of the King Priam of Troy, was the cause of the Trojan War starting! The Greek siege of Troy, during the Trojan War was dramatically depicted in the Illiad, the legendary writings of Homer. The Illiad best describes the ravages and complete destruction of the Trojan War!

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