Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must for any holidaymaker or traveller. Travel insurance can protect you from substantial losses that result from cancelled trips, delayed departures, supplier default, lost baggage or money, medical emergencies and even natural disasters. Use our specialist Directory Search facility below to find the right package for you and the family

Online travel insurance

If you take your time and shop around, you can find some excellent travel insurance deals online. Travellers who want to protect the money they have invested in their trip should seriously consider purchasing travel insurance.

Finding the right travel insurance company

If an accident, illness or a change in plans forces a cancellation or interruption to your travel plans, then you may face major financial losses. The right travel insurance can cover you against loss of money you've invested in non-refundable payments as well as medical and legal expenses that aren't covered by credit card or health insurance.

The Internet has revolutionised the travel insurance industry, giving travellers the ability to compare cheap travel insurance companies. There are many brokerage sites that can compare cheap travel insurance companies at the same time to find you the best deal.

Choosing travel insurance

When considering the right travel insurance for you, remember it is not just about price. Be sure to check the levels of cover that are important to you. Medical and legal costs will usually be covered to a high level by most reputable insurance companies, but you should also check that you are receiving adequate levels of cover for your personal items like baggage and money loss, which are the most common claims. Also be sure you are well covered for delayed or cancelled flights.

There are many different types of travel insurance, the most common ones being Single Trip insurance, Multi Trip insurance, Annual travel insurance and Family travel insurance. There are more specific insurance policies available for the more adventurous like Ski insurance, Watersports insurance, Backpackers insurance Extreme Sports insurance. Most insurers will offer discounts for couples, families and groups so enquire about those.

Airline travel insurance partners

Be sure to check with the airline or ferry company you’re traveling with, as they are sure to have an affiliated travel insurance company and many offer special rates to their customers. Also, find out if your credit card, bank or even loyalty card company has similar affiliations.

Good luck and happy hunting!