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Area (sq km): 514,000
Population: 65,444,371
Nationality: Thai
Local Name: Thailand
Language: Thai,
Time Zone: +7 GMT
Currency: 1 bhat = 100 stang
Capital: Bangkok
Dialling Code: +66
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .th
Religion: Buddhist,
Climate: Monsoon,
Tropical Equatorial
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Inoculations: Yellow Fever
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-15.30
Major Airports: Bangkok(BKK),
Chiang Mai(CNX),

Muay Thai and Thailand vacation rentals

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is Thailand’s national sport and part of an ancient style of warfare. Discover the Muay Thai techniques and rules of Thai boxing so you gain a true appreciation of a sport that defines a nation from Thailand vacation rentals.

Muay Thai
Muay Thai

Muay Thai - Thai boxing

Muay Thai is known in Thailand as the Sport of Kings. It is also called Thai boxing and the Art of Eight Limbs. Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and is an important part of Thailand’s history and its culture. Muay Thai is so fundamental in Thai culture that it was part of the school curriculum. After booking Thailand vacation rentals search the surrounding area for Muay Thai events during your holiday in Thailand.

Muay Thai rituals

It is one of the world’s oldest forms of martial arts dating back an estimated 2,000 years. Muay Thai rituals are as important today as they have been in the past. The fighters honour their supporters, trainers and their gods in a ritual display before the match. They also walk around the ring with one hand on the top rope to seal the ring from bad spirits.

Muay Thai techniques

As an intricate part of Thailand’s history, Muay Thai was practised by the military as a chief means of warfare. Many battles swayed in Thailand’s favour because of this aggressive and offensive martial art form. Muay Thai techniques are meant to mimic weapons from the battlefield. One example is the knee to the abdomen that is meant to be like a battle ax.

Muay Thai also implements defensive moves and postures as a way of blocking, like that of a shield. The Thai Army continues to use Muay Thai as a means of training, although the method they use is slightly different.

Muay Thai rules

Thai boxing has changed over the years. The rituals have remained steadfast, but the rules of Muay Thai are evolving to protect the fighters. Pads were never worn in the past with the exception of a groin protector, which is all too important in a sport that encourages groin kicks. Today in Muay Thai, boxing gloves are common place. In the past some fighters actually wrapped their fists, dipped them in resin and minute ground glass in order to inflict great pain and injury upon their opponent.

Rounds have also been introduced to the sport along with rest periods. The rules of Muay Thai and the points system keep the bouts in check. As Muay Thai is considered a sport of endurance, more points are awarded as the rounds get further along. In the end the fighter with the most points wins if a knock-out has not already taken place.

Muay Thai (or Thai boxing), like Buddhism, is an irreplaceable part of Thai culture so during your stay at Thailand vacation rentals make it a point to see Thailand’s national sport.

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