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Area (sq km): 514,000
Population: 65,444,371
Nationality: Thai
Local Name: Thailand
Language: Thai,
Time Zone: +7 GMT
Currency: 1 bhat = 100 stang
Capital: Bangkok
Dialling Code: +66
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .th
Religion: Buddhist,
Climate: Monsoon,
Tropical Equatorial
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Inoculations: Yellow Fever
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-15.30
Major Airports: Bangkok(BKK),
Chiang Mai(CNX),

History of Thai silk from Thailand villas

Silk has always been synonymous with elegance and good taste, whether in the shape of a scarf, a shirt, a dress, a tie or a suit. Beautiful silk garments have been created over the centuries to please queens, kings, emperors, maharajas, and nowadays for anybody who can afford it. Discover the interesting history of Thai silk on your holiday in Thailand. Book Thailand villas with today.

Thai silk
Thai silk

The history of Thai Silk is linked to the discovery of silk weaving in China centuries ago, apparently by the Chinese Empress Si Lin Chi. The silk production in China was a zealously-kept secret, until some silk cocoons were smuggled out of the country. It is believed that the production of Thai silk started around 1000 years ago, weaved by village women as a home-craft.

Thai Silk and Mulberry Trees

There is a strong connection between Thai silk and mulberry trees, as silk worms feed on their leaves. In the north east of Thailand, silk weaving has been a popular women’s occupation for centuries. This is due to the fact that mulberry trees grow abundantly in that region.

Although some Thai silk is now factory produced, the best quality Thai silk still comes from village looms. Phumriang is a village renowned for its exquisite brocade, which is only used on special occasions. There is also a famous weave called Mudmee, where a tie-and-dye procedure is used, resulting in a beautiful Thai silk with soft designs.

Thailand's Luxury Export

When the Europeans first visited Thailand, they were enchanted by the colourful Thai silk garments and silk became one of Thailand’s most important luxury exports. However, in the 19th Century, the Thai silk industry suffered a tremendous decline due to cheaper production from other countries.

Then, around 1947, Jim Thompson, an American with a vision for business, had the amazing idea of taking some silk garments to USA. His venture was a great success and Thai silk once again, became one of Thailand’s main luxury exports.

No visitor on their holiday in Thailand should return to their Thailand villas without a gorgeous Thai silk garment, either to indulge themselves or as a beautiful gift for someone special.

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