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Area (sq km): 64,740
Population: 20,064,776
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Local Name: Sri Lanka
Language: Sinhala,
Time Zone: +5.5 GMT
Currency: 1 rupee = 100 cents
Capital: Colombo
Dialling Code: +94
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Internet Code: .lk
Religion: Buddhist,
Climate: Tropical Monsoon,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 9.00-15.00
Major Airports: Colombo(CMB)

Esala Perahera Kandy from Sri Lanka villas

The most lavish and thrilling observance of Buddhism in Sri Lanka are the Esala Perahera Kandy Parade and Festival. The amazing parade and the Water Cutting Ceremony in Kandy simply must be experienced and from private Sri Lanka villas.

Kandy Esala Perahera
Kandy Esala Perahera

Kandy is a gorgeous little city at the heart of the hill country offering numerous adequate Sri Lanka villas to call home during the festival of Esala Perahera.

Many consider Kandy to be the cultural centre of Sri Lanka, as well as, the home of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Buddhism in Sri Lanka is practised by just over 70% of the population today, but Buddhism has not always been the principle religion of Sri Lanka. The story begins thousands of years ago...

Bodhi tree

Buddhism in Sri Lanka has thrived since the second century BC when the son of an Indian Emperor brought the teachings of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Not long after the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka came the Indian Emperor’s daughter who brought with her a bodhi tree sapling.

The bodhi tree is closely associated with the Buddha and the Four Truths. It was during the first century AD that the Sacred Tooth (tooth of the Buddha) was brought to Sri Lanka from India.

Esala Perahera Kandy

Esala Perahera Kandy is a gala festival in Sri Lanka that is central to Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The grand Esala Perahera has been evolving over the years into a festival and procession that is no longer just for Buddhists, but for all of Sri Lanka.

Esala Perahera Kandy begins in late July or August. There are many different events that make up Esala Perahera. One such event takes place at the end of the festival called the Water Cutting Ceremony.

Esala Perahera parade

During Kandy Perahera one of the grandest processions in the world takes place. The costumes, music, dancing and spectacles of the Esala Perahera parade are unrivalled in opulence!

The purpose of the Esala Perahera parade is to let the followers of the Buddhist faith praise and honour the Sacred Tooth. The Sacred Tooth is normally housed in the Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka’s most revered Buddhist place.

The parade is a magnificent procession of expert fire handlers, exotic dancers, fierce drummers, jugglers, horn blowers and the most stunningly dressed elephants you have even seen.

The costumes for the Esala Perahera parade are divine. The detailed gold and silver work is only out done by the intricacy of the jewels and sequins. Not only are the people bedecked in such brilliance, but the elephants are in gowns much the same. The sight is dazzling and awesome.

Water Cutting Ceremony in Kandy

The Water Cutting Ceremony has been vital in Sri Lanka since ancient times and has been the finale of Esala Perahera for ages. The ceremony honours the gods and goddesses and thanks them for a bountiful year and asks them for rain the following season.

It wasn’t until the British colonisation that the ceremony was banned. The following year the country suffered a great drought. The people of Sri Lanka protested in the streets until the British gave in and lifted the ban.

The Water Cutting Ceremony in Kandy of the following year was a great success with the much needed rainfall replenishing the lands. Come witness firsthand this profound ceremony and stay in Sri Lanka villas for your holiday.

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