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South Africa map
Area (sq km): 1,221,040
Population: 44,344,136
Nationality: South African
Local Name: South Africa
Language: IsiZulu,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 rand = 100 cents
Capital: Pretoria
Dialling Code: +27
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .za
Religion: Zion Christian,
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: Yellow Fever
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-15.30
Major Airports: Cape Town(CPT),
Nelspruit-Kruger (MQP),

Great white shark diving from Cape Town villas

One of the most popular and daring tourist activities in South Africa is great white shark diving in False Bay from Cape Town villas. Another great way to see these hunters in action is shark breaching. Do you have the nerve?

Cape Town shark diving
Cape Town shark diving

It is the consensus of shark lovers that sharks in general are highly misunderstood animals. Movies like Jaws have made the great white shark one of the most feared creatures on the planet. While it is not debateable that the shark is a remarkable predator, great white shark diving tour operators strive to show the shark in a different light when you stay in Cape Town villas.

Sharks are skilled hunters, very cautious, agile and evolved. The aim of great white shark diving is not only to raise your blood pressure, but to heighten your understanding of this majestic animal in an effort to protect it today and in the future.

Visit Shark Alley from Cape Town villas

Great white shark diving in South Africa is becoming one of the country’s biggest tourist draws. South Africa is currently referred to as the white shark diving capital of the world. Most tours take place at Shark Alley.

From Cape Town villas travel about out 160km southeast of Cape Town beyond the Cape of Good Hope and you’ll find Shark Alley. It is regarded as the world’s most populated shark waters and it is the best spot for great white shark diving. Shark Alley is near the town of Gansbaai in a passage between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island.

Winter is the best time for great white shark diving at Shark Alley, but the sharks remain in the area all year round. One reason for this is the massive seal population in the thick kelp lining the shores. A three to four metre great white shark is not uncommon to see. In fact on the 20 minute ride to Shark Alley even before the chum is thrown out, it is not uncommon to see the sharks and even some whales.

Great white shark diving tours

Cage diving tours from Cape Town villas can be one the most awesome and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Coming face to face with these enormous, powerful and feared creatures is jaw dropping and awe inspiring. The great white shark diving tours operators adhere to strict safely standards. The cages are secured to the side of the boat on a winch and hang very near the surface.

A dive master is on hand to help you in and out of the cages. Great white shark diving tours usually work on a rotation. Multiple sessions last 15 minutes each on average. The cages are remarkably strong and made in accordance to high government standards. Cages are also replaced each year.

One of the best parts about cage diving tours in South Africa is that you need not be a licensed diver to participate in this thrilling activity. Often times breathing devices are discouraged as the bubbles can make the sharks nervous. Sharks are very cautious creatures and it is the aim of the tour operators to bring the sleek animals as close to the cage as possible.

The shark population is so heavy in Shark Alley that they are perfectly visible without even entering the water. Do take note that the cost associated with the tour is often the same whether you enter the water or not.

Cape Town villas & shark breaching

Cape Town cage diving is morphing into a new practice called shark breaching. The favoured prey of the great white shark is the seal. The tour operators in Cape Town use a decoy seal about 20 metres away from the boat that floats on the water’s surface. You’ll sit on the boat in False Bay near Seal Island impatiently focusing on the seal decoy.

Without warning and like a torpedo the massive shark breaks the surface of the water and flies into the air jaws spread and teeth barred. It may be over in an instant, but your heart with continue racing for many minutes. Witnessing the sharks in this manner is an unforgettable and heart pumping experience.

After a day of great white shark diving, cool your nerves in the safety and console of great Cape Town villas. provides a database for you to find the perfect villa for your Cape Town holiday needs and indulge in a wide range of exciting activities in South Africa.

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