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Area (sq km): 91,950
Population: 10,524,145
Nationality: Portuguese
Local Name: Portugal
Language: Portuguese,
Time Zone: GMT
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Rate: www.xe.com
Capital: Lisbon
Dialling Code: +351
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .pt
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-15.00
Major Airports: Faro(FAO),

Villas in Portugal and Port wine

Porto, Portugal is a delightful old town which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Porto features amazing buildings representing various eras of Portugal’s history, from the medieval to the present time, all of which you can enjoy when you book holiday villas in Portugal. Porto also gives its name to Port wine, as a result of the city's long history of shipping the fortified wine to the world.


During the month of February, Porto is a feast to the eyes when the almond, apple, orange and pear trees are full of lovely blossoms. Search VillasPeople.com for your ideal villas in Portugal and don't forget that Porto is the centre of Portugal's velvety sweet Port Wine.

Port Wine from Duoro River Valley

Port wine or Oporto is a delicious fortified wine made with grapes grown in the rugged Duoro River Valley in the region of Porto, North Portugal. There are various types of Port wine from sweet to dry and they can be vintage, red, tawny or white.

Its very special taste comes from the brandy added during fermentation. The most popular time to enjoy a good Port is after dinner. These are some of the names of some good Port wines: Churchill, Calem, Cockburns and Sandeman.

Restaurants in Porto

Dishes that should not be missed when eating in restaurants in Porto are: bacalhau (salted cod) and tripas do Porto (tripe with white beans), delicious! There are some excellent restaurants in Porto, for instance: Restaurante Adega Tipica de Souto serves traditional food and Porto Cafe Majestic boasts 1920’s decor.

Tromba Rija specialises in traditional Portuguese flavours and the Barao Fladgate has a great view with lovely seafood and fish. Enjoy the fabulous restaurants in Porto and do not forget to sip a glass of Port wine after dinner.

Bars in Porto

There are all types of excellent bars in Porto. The city has a very lively nightlife, where the mixture of locals and visitors makes it even more interesting.

Some of the bars in Porto that are worth visiting from villas in Portugal are Ryan’s Irish Pub in Porto, known for its friendly staff and Solar Vinho do Porto serving velvety Port wine. Aniki Bobo Night Club is one of the most popular clubs in Porto and Bla, Bla spins great chill-out dance music.

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