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Portugal travel facts

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Area (sq km): 91,950
Population: 10,524,145
Nationality: Portuguese
Local Name: Portugal
Language: Portuguese,
Time Zone: GMT
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Capital: Lisbon
Dialling Code: +351
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .pt
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-15.00
Major Airports: Faro(FAO),

Algarve food and wine, Algarve villas dining

Food in Portugal is delicious, and Algarve cuisine has noticeable rich spices and fresh ingredients, while the wine is soft and fruity. Algarve food and wine are a Portuguese pleasure perfected over centuries that you will enjoy when dining in or dining out from Algarve villas.

Algarve cuisine
Algarve cuisine

Eating in the Algarve provides its own special experience when you choose Algarve villas. As is usual in a region blessed with a rich landscape as well as a bountiful sea, the inland and coastal dishes are distinctly different. Together they make up the varied menu of food and wine that can be found in the Algarve. Sample staple Algarve cuisine such as cataplana and caldeirda, whilst sipping Algarve wine, usually red with fruity aromas and flavours. Of the restaurants in Algarve, Bon Bon Restaurante in Lagoa is superb!

Algarve cuisine

Seafood dishes have great variety in Algarve cuisine. Cataplana is a combination of clams, ham, sausage, onion, tomatoes, chilli, garlic and spices sauteed in wine. Arroz de Marisco is a paella-style dish, with clams, prawns, fish, rice, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Caldeirada is a fabulous fish stew found on most menus. If this is a little rich for your palate, go for grilled tuna or fried salt cod served with potatoes, olives and egg.

For inland Algarve cuisine, chicken and pork are the staples meats and true local dishes include lamb and baby goat, particularly in casseroles. In season, local game like boar, quail and pheasant are popular. Delicious roasts are made with lamb, duck and suckling pig, and spicy local sausage is ever-present.

Algarve and Lagos wine

When you rent Algarve villas or villas in Portugal through, you can discover four distinct wine regions in the Algarve; Lagoa, Lagos, Portimao and Tavira. The Algarve wine region is known for its red wine and produces little white wine. Algarve wines tend to be full bodied and fruity with high alcohol. The Tavira wine region is located around Faro in Central Algarve.

Portimao wine region is on the southwest coast of Algarve and is known for its full bodied reds and honey coloured whites. The wines from Penina are especially good. Lagoa wine region is in central Algarve around Albufeira and Lagoa. It is noted for brilliant aged reds and aromatic whites. It is the biggest wine area in Algarve. Lagos wine region is just west of Portimao and has fruity reds and easy drinking whites that are popular throughout Portugal.

Restaurants in Algarve

Restaurants in Algarve are known for the freshness of their ingredients. In Portimao, A Nossa Tasca serves fresh local dishes and Simsa Restaurante has a most pleasant atmosphere. Around Lagos, try the Bahia Beach Bar at Meia Praia with excellent sea views or classic and unassuming Ancora in Vila do Bispo. Bon Bon Restaurante is one of the best restaurants in Algarve found in Lagoa.

O Leao de Porches in Porches, serves eclectic international dishes in a gorgeous 17th century house. Albufeira has loads of restaurants to choose from. Some notable ones include Tasty Brasserie, Restaurante Hollandaise and Great India Tandoori. Florian Restaurante and Bistro des Z’Artes are two amazing restaurants in Almancil.

Enjoy all the tasty delights that food in Portugal has to offer. There are countless delicious dishes of Algarve food to be accompanied by tremendous local Algarve wine. And many different and varied restaurants to dine out in when you book Algarve villas with

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