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Map of Morocco
Area (sq km): 446,550
Population: 31,228,981
Nationality: Arab-Berber,
Local Name: Morocco
Language: Arabic,
Time Zone: GMT
Currency: Dirham
Capital: Rabat
Dialling Code: +212
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ma
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 9.30-13.00
Major Airports: Agadir (AGA), Casablanca (CMN), Essaouira (ESU), Fes (FEZ), Marrakech (RAK), Nador (NDR), Tangier (TNG)

Excursions in the High Atlas Mountains

Are you planning a trip to exotic Morocco? If so, perhaps you should include at least one excursion to the High Atlas Mountains in your itinerary. The Atlas Mountain range is 2,400 km long and extends over the north of Africa, including Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Amazing discoveries have been made on the High Atlas Mountains, like the bones of prehistoric animals dating back to before the dinosaur. The highest point, 4,167 metres, is Jbel Toubkal. The mountains have endless possibilities which will enchant those who decide to visit them.

High Atlas Mountains
High Atlas Mountains

Hiking and Trekking in the High Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains consists of an impressive formation of rocks containing all sorts of minerals, and it is home to various families of wild life and interesting flora. To add to their beauty, there are a series of small rivers and valleys, providing an amazing landscape, especially during sunset. Hiking and trekking are popular excursions in the High Atlas Mountains, preferably in the spring or summer.

If you decide to embark on one of them, it is advisable to hire a guide who speaks English. Some excursions might take only one day, whereas others could take three or more days, for these, mules are usually used to carry the equipment. There is a good selection of excursions departing from Marrakech, including exciting paragliding in the High Atlas Mountains. has Morocco villas to rent near Marrakech.

Excursions to Berber Towns in Morocco

The inhabitants of the towns near the High Atlas Mountains are the friendly Berber people. An excursion to Berber towns must not be missed, for example a visit to the lovely Asni and Imlil villages will enlighten you on the Berber’s traditional farming and irrigation ways. A meal shared with them and a taste of their traditional mint tea will add an extra bonus to your day.

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