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Area (sq km): 320
Population: 398,534
Nationality: Maltese
Local Name: Malta
Language: Maltese,
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Capital: Valletta
Dialling Code: +356
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .mt
Religion: Roman Catholic
Climate: Mediterranean
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-12.30
Major Airports: Luga(MLA)

Goddess Calypso and private villas in Malta

The entire Maltese island of Gozo bands together in an annual festival dedicated to keeping its history alive and its culture intact and thriving. The Festival Mediterranea on Gozo island dazzles visitors with tales of folklore (with stories of the Goddess Calypso), field trips to historic sites, stage performances and food and drink exhibitions. This is a fantastic time of year to book private villas in Malta.


Gozo is an island that is part of the country of Malta in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. Gozo island has 7,000 years of known history and many different cultural influences. Its location has played a major part in these influences. Touched by the East, the West and the Sea cultures, Malta and Gozo have sustained a very unique background. Gozo is reputed as one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands so find private villas in Malta and begin planning your ideal holiday.

Goddess Calypso & Ulysses

Gozo earned the accolade as the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea in part because it was home to the sea nymph, Goddess Calypso, who took Ulysses off course for seven enchanted years. Because of this rich and mythical past, Gozo takes great pleasure in holding the Festival Mediterranea commemorating Goddess Calypso and Ulysses and what it is to be from Gozo and to be Maltese.

Festival in Gozo at Victoria

Though the whole island celebrates, the main venues are in Victoria. Events include operas, orchestral concerts, the Feast of Gozitan Food and Wine and historical and cultural seminars. There are also trips to explore Mgarr and Skorba in Malta, plays, theatre and live music. The venues for these events change year to year, but always count on St George’s Basilica in Victoria and the Teatru Astra in Victoria to be involved.

The event dates change, but usually it begins in mid-October to capture the colours of autumn, so choose from a range of private villas in Malta now to coincide with the Festival Mediterranea. The Goddess Calypso may have enchanted Ulysses to Gozo island, but it's sheer beauty is enough to enchant the modern visitor!

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