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Area (sq km): 301,230
Population: 58,103,033
Nationality: Italian
Local Name: Italia
Language: Italian,
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Capital: Rome
Dialling Code: +39
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Internet Code: .it
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Mediterranean,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-13.30,
Major Airports: Bologna(BLQ),

Italy villa rental and Italian food

Italian food is famous throughout the world. Pasta. Garlic. Ricotta. Prosciutto. Tomatoes. Chianti. If you are a food lover you’ll love learning about the history of Italian food. Search holiday villas with, choose an Italy villa rental and learn all about the culinary arts in Tuscany and the secrets of Sicilian food.

Italian food
Italian food

Italian Food

Eating in Italy is a divine event. The tastes of Italian food are amongst the most special flavours in the world and you can enjoy them first-hand when you choose your perfect Italy villa rental. Secure your doorway to wonders such as magnificent snowcapped mountains, lush valleys, famous intoxicating cities and unspoiled beaches.

Never before has there been a country famous for such a myriad of sightseeing and activity opportunities as Italy. Choose an Italy villa rental as the base for your holiday and visit Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo, Chianti, Vatican City, Romans, Vesuvius and Renaissance - all words common throughout the world and central to Italy’s culture.

Italian food tours

Italian food tours provide much more than sampling the country’s best dishes. Tours can be up to two weeks, six days, single days or even one-off cooking classes. An Italy villa rental holiday will take you to the bustling markets in the morning and you will find yourself standing with your instructor learning about the history of Italian food and special combinations of herbs, native cheeses and types of meats.

Day time activities include truffle hunts, olive grove tours, vineyard tours or farm excursions. These cooking courses are informative and fun.

You learn the foundations of Italian cooking and prepare your own meals whilst honing your new skills. When all is prepared sit back and taste your scrumptious food with regional wine and enjoy the experience of learning about the history of Italian food.

Tuscany food and Italy villa rental holidays

The Tuscan tradition favours meticulous craftsmanship and respect for materials. The Tuscany food experience is no different. The dining atmosphere is often relaxed and very friendly and the food is wholesome.

Rather than a formal dining room you can expect more of a kitchen environment and family dining room experience meant to draw you in and make you feel welcome; part of an Italian family. As a side note: Florentine does not always infer the use of spinach.

Look for a wide variety of mushrooms including the bold truffle. The olive oils are velvety and a staple of the culinary arts in Tuscany and Florence. There is plenty of crusty bread, biscotti, Chianti, radicchio, asparagus and salty or sweet prosciutto. The Tuscany region of Italy prides itself on providing a wide array of cooking classes where you can learn about the history of Italian food from a charming Italy villa rental.

Italy villa rental : cannoli & cassata

Sicilian food, famous for cannoli and cassata, is intriguing. Because of its location in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has long been a target of strategic takeovers by Greece, Spain, Normans, Romans and Arabs. The style of Sicilian food has come to reflect all of these different influences.

Sicily’s warm climate plays a major role in producing plump, juicy veggies and fruits. The rich volcanic soil is ideal for supporting its extensive orange and lemon groves, the largest in Italy.

Look for risotto flavoured with orange zest and pane con sato, which is ciabatta bread stuffed with veggies and herbs. The grilled artichokes are meaty and dripping with olive oil. The many variations of involtini are delicious. Thin strips of meat, often veal, are seasoned and skewered. They are then rolled in bread crumbs and grilled.

The ricotta cheese and marzipan are mouth watering. Cassata is a cake made with candied fruits guaranteed to make your mouth water. While exploring Sicily gastronomy from Italian villas be sure to sample cannoli. It is a fried pastry filled with chocolate, fruit and cheese famous to the area. Book an Italy villa rental with and discover the delicious wonders of Italian food.

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