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Area (sq km): 20,330
Population: 6,276,883
Nationality: Israeli
Local Name: Yisra’el
Language: Hebrew,
Time Zone: + 2 GMT
Currency: 1 shekel =
100 agorot
Capital: Jerusalem
Dialling Code: +972
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Internet Code: .il
Religion: Jewish,
Arab Christian
Climate: Desert,
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: Su-F 8.30-12.30
Su, Tu, Th 16.00-18.00
Major Airports: Negev(VDA),
Tel Aviv(TLV)

Dead Sea salt and Israel villas

The Dead Sea in Israel is a stunning Israel villas holiday destination. Its healing and curative properties have lead to many famous Dead Sea salt spas, which are overlooked by legendary Masada.

Dead Sea salt
Dead Sea salt

Although the Dead Sea is small, measuring 42x11km, it is well known around the world and has been a popular Israel villas holiday destination for years.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is famed for being the lowest the point on Earth at just over 420m or almost 1,400ft below sea level. Once just a valley, it was flooded repeatedly by the Red Sea and formed Dead Sea salt beds, an astounding 2km thick. This has contributed to making the Dead Sea nearly nine times saltier than the oceans.

Why do people float in the Dead Sea

So the big question is: Why do people float in the Dead Sea? It is because the high level of salinity causes unbelievable buoyancy. Rather than swimming in the Dead Sea you are more likely to float on it because of Dead Sea salt. The Dead Sea is bordered to the west by Israel and to the east by Jordan. The Jordan River feeds the Dead Sea, but eerily, nothing flows out. Take time out to search for Israel villas near the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Spas

The Dead Sea has, since ancient times, been noted for its healing qualities. The salty water and mineral rich mud has been linked to many restorative therapies used by the Queen of Sheba, King David and Herod the Great. Each Dead Sea spa offers a great many services in today's Israel. Mineral Beach has a natural sulphur pool, not pleasing to the nose, but good for the body.

En Gedi is a green oasis and features one of the best Dead Sea spas. Try a mineral water soak, then get wrapped in mud and scrubbed with rich salt before returning to Israel villas along the Dead Sea. The massage and mineral pools at Hammei Zohar Spa are relaxing and curative. They offer inhalation therapies also as the area is low in allergens and pollens.

En Bokek Centre has it all. They feature a sea pool for you to float on, yes really float, mineral baths for skin conditions, mud baths, massage based mud therapies and a natural clinic centred on holistic healing like Ayurvedic medicine.

Masada and Israel villas

Masada was once a name associated with the glory of palaces, strong fortifications and the ingenuity of architecture. Today that name conjures images of war and mass suicide. If you are staying at Israel villas near the Dead Sea then a trip to Masada, no matter your religion, should be included in your itinerary.

The haunting fortress of Masada is extraordinary. It is built into a massive plateau’s rock face overlooking the Dead Sea. The Masada was the product of Herod the Great who built it as a safe haven during a revolt. Over the years the Masada changed hands, often bloody hands, many times between different Jewish groups and the Romans.

Masada had been fortified and added to many times over so that included shops, a palace, army barracks and an extensive armoury. It was during the First Jewish-Roman War in 73 AD that Masada would become forever remembered.

The Great Jewish Revolt

The First Jewish-Roman War was also called the Great Jewish Revolt. During this time nearly 1,000 Jews holed up in Masada to defy their Roman attackers. They survived for three years in Masada before they were hugely outnumbered by 15,000 troops. The troops were set to take Masada and tragically the Jews committed mass suicide.

Masada is now a place of pilgrimage and a popular spot for watching sunrises. Book Israel villas to visit Masada, relax in one of the Dead Sea spas or simply experience what it is like to float weighless-like carried by the Dead Sea salt.

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