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Area (sq km): 68,890
Population: 4,109,086
Nationality: Irish
Local Name: Eire
Language: English,
Irish Gaelic
Time Zone: 0 GMT
Currency: 1 euro =
100 cents
Capital: Dublin
Dialling Code: +353
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ie
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Church of Ireland
Climate: Maritime
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not required
Banking: M-F 10.00-12.30
Major Airports: Cork(ORK),

Irish cottages on South Coast

The south coast of Ireland is truly marvelous. Featuring quiet hamlets like Kinsale, Dingle and Dunmore East, the south coast is marked by vibrant green cliffs dropping in an indigo sea just begging for a visit when you rent Irish cottages.

Dingle, County Kerry
Dingle, County Kerry

Kinsale is a most splendid coastal village in County Cork in south west Ireland. The stunning port village is much unchanged in past centuries, still featuring narrow stone streets nestled between hills and an azure coastline.

Kinsale flourished with its tidal port that ran inland to Innishannon. The entry is guarded still by two strong star-shaped fortresses. From the Old Head of Kinsale you’ll find breathtaking views and also see where in 1915 the Lusitania was sunk by German u-boats. Charles Fort, Desmond Castle and St Multose Church are all exceptional places when you spend time in Irish cottages and visit Kinsale.

Dingle in County Kerry

Also in the south west are County Kerry, and its very own gem, Dingle, on the Dingle Peninsula. The small fishing and market town is picturesque. For its small population of about 1,200 people, it has a very rich pub culture of just over 50 pubs. These pubs are all unique. In some 10 is a crowd, whilst others sell pillows and bed linens! Come and see for yourself by booking holiday cottages in Ireland.

Dingle is well loved for its fresh seafood restaurants. There is also a healthy supply of local handicrafts sold throughout town. Its location makes Dingle a much visited city in the summer months when people come from all around to stay in Irish cottages and soak up the Gaelic atmosphere. They also come to venture further on daytrips to natural wonders like Conor Pass and Slea Head.

Dunmore East in County Waterford

Dunmore East is a lovely little fishing village on Ireland’s sunny south east coast. The sleepy little village is absolutely stunning and offers its visitors tranquility, old world charm and terrific food. Easy to get to and even easier to relax in, Dunmore East will have you in love with its white washed, thatched buildings, stunning Irish cottages and its bobbing sailboats and friendly folk.

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