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Area (sq km): 68,890
Population: 4,109,086
Nationality: Irish
Local Name: Eire
Language: English,
Irish Gaelic
Time Zone: 0 GMT
Currency: 1 euro =
100 cents
Capital: Dublin
Dialling Code: +353
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ie
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Church of Ireland
Climate: Maritime
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not required
Banking: M-F 10.00-12.30
Major Airports: Cork(ORK),

Visit Puck Fair from Ireland cottages

Puck Fair is Ireland’s oldest fair. Its origins are debatable, but no one can argue that it all comes down to a goat! Today the celebration is sheer merriment when over 100,000 people come together in the streets of Killorglin, and you can get involved too when you rent Ireland cottages!

Puck Fair
Puck Fair

The most widely held version of the origins of King Puck is that it all began with the English raiders! The marauders were attacking all the villages that they came across. At one point they encountered a herd of goats and tried to corner them.

Most of the herd escaped to the mountains, but one goat fell stray, the man-goat called Puck. Puck ran to the nearby village, Killorglin. Upon seeing how exhausted Puck was, the villagers realised that there were raiders nearby and were able to protect themselves in the nick of time!

The earliest recorded mention of this festival dates from a royal charter in 1603! The festival has grown to be the county’s most profitable, earning Killorglin and estimated €6 million!

Puck Fair’s events are many and varied, but they always, always fall on August 10- 12th! Merrymakers can enjoy a street circus, face painting, horse shows, parades, fireworks, traditional and modern music, dance and much, much more. Guinness is a main event sponsor so you can count on good, cold beer to go with a guaranteed wonderful experience.

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