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Area (sq km): 92,340
Population: 10,006,835
Nationality: Hungarian
Local Name: Magyarorszag
Language: Hungarian (Magyar)
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Currency: 1 forint = 100 filler
Capital: Budapest
Dialling Code: +36
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .hu
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Continental
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 9.00-16.00
Major Airports: Budapest(BUD),

Hungary wine and accommodation

Sweet, earthy Hungary wine has been made for a thousand years, allowing time for perfection. Book into delightful Hungary accommodation near the famous wine regions in Hungary including Tokaj, Aszar Neszmely and Eger vineyards, famous for Bull's Blood.

Tokaj Region
Tokaj Region

Hungary Wine

Tokaj wine region in Hungary is not the biggest producer, but it is the most famous. The Tokaj wine region is renowned for its delicate, sweet rot wine. The name itself may not stimulate the palate, but this Hungary wine is certainly delicious. Search for Hungary accommodation today and taste sweet rot wine in its home, Tokaj wine region.

When the Turks attacked the region in 1650, the grape harvest was put off causing much of the harvest to grow fungus. The fungal grapes were set aside as an experiment to see what they might taste like. And so Tokaji Aszu was born! The Tokaj cellars are carved out of volcanic rock, some extending over 35km. Some wines can be found in the cellars that are over 300 years old and still growing in bouquet! Make sure to visit the Hetszolo Estate for luscious wines!

Eger vineyards

One of the most famous regions in Hungary, and not just for wine, is the Eger region. Eger and its surrounding villages are known for rich culture, historic buildings including the Turkish Minaret, its castles and its thermal baths. Searching for Hungary accommodation in the Eger area can certainly make for a most rewarding Hungary villas holiday.

The Eger vineyards produce the best red wines in Hungary. Szepasszonyvolgy is the Valley of the Beautiful Women. It is here that the vineyards and the wine cellars are at their finest. The name Bull’s Blood is synonymous with Eger vineyards and involves the careful mixing and pressing of several blue grapes. Two well known Eger vineyards are Egervin and Vitavin Wineries.

Aszar Neszmely

The Aszar Neszmely wine region is located in northern Hungary and is a small separated region. Although its size does not amount to much, its quality certainly does. The Aszar Neszmely wine region in Hungary grows almost exclusively white varietals. The varietals include Olaz Rizling, Szlivaner Rizling, Ezerjo and Leanyka. The wines typically have a strong bouquet with light acidity. Famous winemakers in the Aszar Neszmely wine region in Hungary are Craftsman, Woodsman's, Hilltop Winery and Hillebrand Estates Winery.

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