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Area (sq km): 130,850
Population: 10,668,354
Nationality: Greek
Local Name: Ellas,
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Capital: Athens
Dialling Code: +30
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .gr
Religion: Greek Orthodox,
Climate: Mediterranean
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.00-14.00
Major Airports: Athens(ATH),

Greece villas for Patras Carnival

Carnival celebrations are held far and wide all over the world. When you rent Greece villas the most fabulous place to experience the festive spirit is in Patras on the Peloponnese Island. Patras Carnival is a wild mix of vivid colours, joyous sounds and free flowing spirits. This Greek holiday is all about pure enjoyment before settling into Lent.

Patras Carnival
Patras Carnival

Carnival is rooted in antiquity. It has been a celebration to end winter, welcome spring and scare off evil spirits. With the rise of Christianity it became a time to enjoy oneself before Lent and Easter. Feasts were held, music was played and the people danced as masquerading celebrators. Today that tradition remains the same, but with much added spice! Note that the dates for Carnival vary from place to place, county to country. Patras Carnival kicks off on 17 January and ends the Sunday (Shrovetide Sunday) before Ash Wednesday so book Greece villas in advance to assure your place nearest the gala parade.

Patras Carnival overview

Patras is Greece’s fourth largest city and is home to the largest Carnival gala. Approximately 300,000 people from all walks of life secure villas in Greece, apartments and hotel rooms to come to Patras each year to take part in the grand Carnival. The festival lasts for a spectacular month and a half.

Popular events for you to partake in from Greece villas include the Treasure Hunt, the Old Time Carnival and the Children’s Carnival. Parades take place on numerous occasions, but the grand finale comes on the last Sunday with such colour, sound and display you must see the scene to believe it.

Greece villas for Patras parade

This procession is filled with different groups dressed up in all manner of costumes. Some are richly flamboyant, some fantasy like and others are dark and grotesque, but all are entertaining. The music spreads wide as the floats and people make their way to cheers through the festooned streets.

When you rent Greece villas for this Greek holiday celebration remember Patras Carnival Sunday ends with the ceremonial burning of an effigy of the Carnival Man and Monday holds a kite flying contest, a very serious flying competition.

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