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Area (sq km): 995,450
Population: 77,505,756
Nationality: Egyptian
Local Name: Misr
Language: Arabic,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 pound = 100 piastres
Capital: Cairo
Dialling Code: +20
Electricity: 220V/50Hz
Internet Code: .eg
Religion: Muslim,
Coptic Christian
Climate: Hot Desert,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Required
Banking: Su-Th 8.30-14.00
Major Airports: Cairo(CAI),
El Arish(AAC), Luxor(LXR),
Sharm El Sheikh(SSH),

Red Sea scuba diving from villas in Egypt

Red Sea scuba diving is world class. The Red Sea boasts some of the finest dive sites in the world, the marine life is astounding and the wrecks have earned major acclaim. With cheap flights to Egypt and a wide choice of fantastic villas in Egypt, take the plunge and experience Red Sea scuba diving for yourself.

Red Sea scuba diving
Red Sea scuba diving

Red Sea treasure

The Red Sea is likened to a treasure chest containing the world’s best scuba diving sites. Egyptian Red Sea scuba diving will leave you agape at the rich marine life when you rent villas in Egypt. There are over 1,000 species of fish and 150 different varieties of coral.

The Northern Red Sea is the home of wreck diving. The strong winds, storms and coral reefs have claimed many ships that you can now dive around for a fascinating and sometimes haunting experience.

Red Sea scuba diving can accommodate all levels of divers, but the more experienced have loads more to do and see. The currents are usually mild to strong and deep dives are very popular.

Egypt popular dive sites

On every list of the world’s popular dive sites you are bound to encounter Shark and Yolanda Reef, Elphinstone Reef, Big Brother, Straits of Tiran and Thistlegorm. These are the best Egypt dive sites and are deemed world-class offering the best of everything. Base yourself at villas in Egypt and set off for the glorious underwater world in the Red Sea.

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are in the Ras Mohammed National Park. The steep drop around Shark Reef is populated by stingrays and massive groupers. Yolanda Reef has an amazing wreck of the same name and is the larger of the two twin peaks. Elphinstone Reef diving is so popular! The walls reach 100m and are filled with spectacular coral and a wide array of bright vibrant fish. Be on the look out for hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and thresher sharks.

Big Brother

Big Brother is a favourite amongst dive sites in Egypt. It has a massive wall covered in stunning soft corals and is home to gorgonians, anthias, sea whips, sharks and two deep water wrecks. The famous Straits of Tiran are made of four reefs with strong currents. The coral gardens are teeming with marine life including tuna, sharks and even barracuda.

Thistlegorm shipwreck

Thistlegorm is a well known name to seasoned scuba divers. The Thistlegorm wreck is at a depth of 30m in an area where currents can be strong, so check conditions before departing. A locomotive was onboard when the ship sank and it now rests beside it. The site features glowing tubeworms in the captain’s head, soft corals, jackfish, snapper and grouper.

Peruse to book cheap flights and find your ideal villas in Egypt near the Red Sea, where you can venture out on the open water and uncover the mysteries hidden below the surface by Red Sea scuba diving.

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