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Dominican Republic travel facts

Dominican Republic flag
Area (sq km): 48,380
Population: 8,950,034
Nationality: Dominican
Local Name: La Dominica
Language: Spanish,
French Creole
Time Zone: -4 GMT
Currency: 1 peso = 100 centavos
Capital: Santo Domingo
Dialling Code: +1809
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .do
Religion: Roman Catholic
Climate: Tropical Equatorial,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-17.00
Major Airports: Puetro Plata(POP),
Punta Cana(PUJ),
Santo Domingo(SDQ)

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Dominican Republic Merengue Festival

Merengue was born in the Dominican Republic. This spicy and often seductive dance is altogether entrancing and invigorating. Book Merengue Festival

Surfing : Master of the Ocean

With over 8,000USD at stake the Dominican Republic Master of the Ocean competition is a serious sporting event held in February. You can chill out on... Surfing : Master of the Ocean

Dominican Republic Grand Carnival

Maybe it's the exotic merengue; maybe it’s the vivacious parades or perhaps the dazzling costumes. Whatever it is, it all combines for the most... Grand Carnival

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