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Area (sq km): 48,380
Population: 8,950,034
Nationality: Dominican
Local Name: La Dominica
Language: Spanish,
French Creole
Time Zone: -4 GMT
Currency: 1 peso = 100 centavos
Capital: Santo Domingo
Dialling Code: +1809
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .do
Religion: Roman Catholic
Climate: Tropical Equatorial,
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.30-17.00
Major Airports: Puetro Plata(POP),
Punta Cana(PUJ),
Santo Domingo(SDQ)

Dominican Republic Grand Carnival

Maybe it's the exotic merengue; maybe it’s the vivacious parades or perhaps the dazzling costumes. Whatever it is, it all combines for the most intoxicating of festivals; the Dominican Republic Grand Carnival! Book Dominican Republic villas with and bring yourself to the heart of this most spectacular festival.

Carnival costumes
Carnival costumes

Enjoy any of the grand Carnival festivals in the Dominican Republic, but if you want the best you must experience the La Vega Carnival. While most of the country's festival dates are around February and Ash Wednesday (in line with significant dates in the Christian calendar), some others reflect important days to the freedom of the nation. For this reason, check dates ahead of time when you choose to book Dominican Republic villas.

Dominican Republic Carnival

One of the most fabulous and extravagant festivals in the Dominican Republic and in the world is the famous and sometimes infamous Carnival! Dominican Republic Carnival like most of the other Caribbean Islands can trace its roots back to the Europeans.

The Dominican Republic Carnival is closely associated with Christendom and even with the ancient pagan rituals. Whilst the dates may not coincide with many of its European counterparts, this simply shows how the Dominican Republic Carnival has evolved.

The Dominican Republic has also added its own flavour by way of the merengue. The national dance has become and integral part of the festivals.

Carnival festivals

Like Carnival festivals across the world the atmosphere is one of delight, revelry and high energy. The famous masked costumes and elaborate parades are traditional of Carnival and they remain alive and well in the Dominican Republic.

The Europeans introduced Carnival to the Dominican Republic and here it has remained a magical event that intrigues and dazzles the senses. Carnival festivals in the Dominican Republic can be found all around the island.

The Carnival in Santo Domingo is a gala event that the whole city and surrounding areas participate in. The Carnival in Santo Domingo is most famous for its outlandish and scary devil costumes. This Carnival happens on each weekend in February. Santiago Carnival is known for its traditional devil costumes and all around good natured celebrations. Other great Carnival festivals in the Dominican Republic are the Bonoa Carnival, Monte Cristi Carnival and the Cabral Carnival.

La Vega Carnival

La Vega is centrally located in the Dominican Republic, and the La Vega Carnival festival in the Dominican Republic is the island’s biggest and best Carnival! For 53 days beginning in January and ending on February 27th the La Vega Carnival attracts people from across the Dominican Republic. This is the place to be for the weekend celebrations.

The city is awash in bright and vivid colours. Music can be heard from every corner big and small. Street parties, dances, elaborate dinners and celebrations of all things central to the Dominican Republic are on offer for the La Vega Carnival. The costumes are elaborate, haunting and sometimes just gaudy, but nevertheless they are a sight to behold!

The parades are central to the Carnival celebrations and the people turn out in great numbers to participate and watch. If you want to get in on a true cultural extravaganza, La Vega Carnival is the place to go!

Let get you into the spirit of the Dominican Republic Grand Carnival with a range of wonderful Dominican Republic villas to choose from for your Caribbean festival holiday.

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