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Area (sq km): 78,864
Population: 10,228,744
Nationality: Czech
Local Name: Cesko
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Currency: 1 koruna = 100 haleru
Capital: Prague
Dialling Code: +420
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .cz
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Continental
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.00-18.00
Major Airports: Brno(BRQ),
Karlovy Vary(KLV),

Prague accommodation

Prague is indeed one of the most beautiful capital cities of old Europe, adorned by gorgeous medieval buildings and good looking people. Aside from the cherished Charles Bridge, it is the Prague Castle that steals so much attention from those staying in Prague accommodation. And with Prague holiday deals, more people are experiencing its beauty first-hand.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle was firstly constructed during the 9th Century and throughout the years it has been transformed several times by the ruling monarchs. As a result, and admired by visitors on their Prague holiday deals, the Prague Castle Complex displays various styles of architecture.

Prague Castle has been and still is the official residence of the Czech rulers. There are guided tours available and also individual tickets can be purchased at the entrance. The colourful spectacle of the Changing of the Guard can be seen here every day. Book your Prague accommodation and experience the mysteries held within the castle walls.

The Prague Castle Complex is an outstanding monument which depicts the great history of the Czech people and is the most visited site in Prague. The Prague Castle Complex was built on the top of a hill and has many interesting places to visit, such as palaces, churches, towers, museum and gardens.

The Prague Castle proper is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest ancient castle in the world.

St Vitus Cathedral

On sightseeing trips from your Prague accommodation, the much admired gothic St. Vitus Cathedral should not be missed. It was built in the 10th Century and holds the Crown Chamber, where the Bohemian Coronation Jewels are kept. St. George’s Basilica is a church with a delightful Baroque façade. It holds the tomb of St. Ludmila where classical concerts are performed.

Bars in Prague

What is the best way of ending the day after the Prague Castle visit? Perhaps having a well deserved drink in one of the bars in Prague or clubs to soak in the local atmosphere?

The Kozicka Bar is situated in the Old Town and a favourite among locals and foreigners, featuring a lively cellar with great beer. For good dance music with fashionable DJs, the exclusive Duplex Dance Club in the New Town is a good choice and easily accessible from Prague accommodation. Nightlife in Prague can be full of fun, and with a range of Prague holiday deals available, it would seem that there's never been a better time to enjoy it!

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