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Area (sq km): 78,864
Population: 10,228,744
Nationality: Czech
Local Name: Cesko
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Currency: 1 koruna = 100 haleru
Capital: Prague
Dialling Code: +420
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .cz
Religion: Roman Catholic,
Climate: Continental
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Right
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.00-18.00
Major Airports: Brno(BRQ),
Karlovy Vary(KLV),

Brno holiday for Moravian Karst

Explore a labyrinth of eerie corridors, stand over a gaping abyss and listen to chamber music underground with perfect clarity. Delight in these wonders and much more as you explore the Moravian Karst from your Brno holiday apartment.

Moravian Karst
Moravian Karst

A karst is a limestone rich area where the irregularities in the limestone lead to fissures, canyons, sinkholes and caves. Karsts are common throughout Central Europe from Lithuania down to Croatia. The limestone creations are stunning and the Moravian Karst is certainly no exception.

The Moravian Karst is the largest network of limestone in Central Europe. Largely hidden underground, the massive Moravian Karst is in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic north of Brno. It is chiefly a cave system of approximately 1100 caves, caverns and gorges panning 100 square kilometres. Surprisingly, of these 400 caves only four are open for exploration!

Punkva Caves

One of the best features of the Punkva Caves is the underground river forever deepening the canyon. From the river cruise, onlookers can marvel at the apparently endless Macocha Abyss the stretches far into the unexplored darkness. There is so much to marvel at on tours of the Punkva Caves.

The gargantuan limestone columns support the rock ceiling overhead, while stalactites reach down towards you. The shadows often give these rocks and eerie likeness to things found above ground. It just goes to show that nature is rarely random. When you are in the Central Dome, give a shout and listen to the remarkable acoustics!

Before even entering the caves via the vertical cliff face, the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year begin by exploring Rock Mill and Desert Valley – both unique and fascinating sights to behold.

Catherine’s Cave

The Punkva Caves are certainly the most visited, but Catherine’s Cave has such a huge underground hall and dome, that its brilliant acoustics have made the cave a wonderful music venue. Concerts take place here, in one of nature’s best halls! Also look for the amazing Witch, Lambs and Waterfall formations.

Balcarka Cave

The Balcarka Cave is set in the northern part of the Moravian Karst. This portion of the karst area shares it home with the stunning Vintoky nature reserve. The Balcarka Cave is reputed for its confusing labyrinth of narrow corridors suddenly opening up to a massive stone hall and falling off into deep gorges.

The Gallery and the Natural Hall of the Balcarka Cave is often considered the loveliest part of the Moravian Karst with well preserved stalactites raining down upon you.

Sloup-Sosuvka Caves

The Sloup-Sosuvka Caves exist on two different levels. These caves are trademarked by their plunging gorges and twisting corridors. The main hall is called Elizabeth Hall and is said to have absolutely perfect acoustics. Like Catherine’s Cave, Elizabeth Hall holds concerts for chamber music. Cross a bridge and glimpse below in the Czech Republic’s deepest hole reaching 90 metres, called Nagel’s Gorge.

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