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Area (sq km): 9,250
Population: 780,133
Nationality: Cypriot
Local Name: Cyprus
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 euro =
100 cents
Capital: Nicosia
Dialling Code: +357
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .cy
Religion: Greek Orthodox,
Climate: Mediterranean
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.15-12.30, 15.15-17.00
Major Airports: Larnaca(LCA),

Kyrenia Harbour and Beaches

Of the cities in Cyprus, Kyrenia is easily one of the most colourful and joyful to visit when you stay in Cyprus villas. Kyrenia is a harbour city in Northern Cyprus, which is blessed with breathtaking scenery, natural, unspoilt sandy beaches and a calm turquoise sea.

Kyrenia Harbour
Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia beaches

The beaches in Northern Cyprus are one of its main attractions with the grand Besparmak Mountains, or Fivefinger Mountains proving a dramatic background. Unlike other popular holiday destinations in Cyprus, visitors to Kyrenia still can find secluded areas of warm, inviting beaches nearby luxurious Cyprus villas.

The two most popular Kyrenia beaches are Acapulco Beach and Escape Beach. Mare Monte, Deniz Kizi Beach and Alagadi Beach are all fantastic sun and sea options also.

Kyrenia Harbour, Port and Marina

The Port and Marina at Kyrenia, also known as Kyrenia Harbour, dates back to the 10th Century. From Cyprus villas tourists will have the opportunity to see many types of sea vessels, from fishing boats, to luxurious yachts, not forgetting the cruise boats, which can take travellers to some of the most secluded beaches in Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Harbour is one of the most interesting areas in this lovely city. It features a good selection of restaurants, bars and cafes close to Cyprus villas. Niazi’s is a great kebab restaurant in Kyrenia and the Address Restaurant is popular with a wide ranging menu.

Along the Kyrenia Harbour is the 7th Century Kyrenia Castle built to protect the city. In the castle is the Shipwreck Museum featuring the oldest ship ever to be extracted from the sea. The ship is believed to be from 288 BC, a truly astonishing discovery! Enjoy all of this and more on your Cyprus villas holiday.

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