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Area (sq km): 9,250
Population: 780,133
Nationality: Cypriot
Local Name: Cyprus
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 euro =
100 cents
Capital: Nicosia
Dialling Code: +357
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .cy
Religion: Greek Orthodox,
Climate: Mediterranean
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.15-12.30, 15.15-17.00
Major Airports: Larnaca(LCA),

Holiday Villas Cyprus

Being the gateway to Asia, Africa and Europe, cheap flights to Cyprus will offer you a fascinating and dynamic holiday. Explore the attractions in Limassol, enjoy Paphos sightseeing and discover Nicosia by booking holiday villas Cyprus - the perfect base for exploration.

Temple of Apollon Hylates
Temple of Apollon Hylates

The attractions in Limassol, both modern and ancient, will leave you enchanted. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus offering plenty of fabulous holiday villas Cyprus. It is the centre of tourism in Cyprus and has the country’s largest port. On the Bay of Akrotiri, the beaches in Limassol are long, narrow and stunning. Choose from a range of Cyprus villas and you’ll be delighted with beach areas that cater to tourists with lounge chairs, umbrellas and a wide range of watersports.

Limassol Castle

The Limassol Castle is the historical site of the marriage of Richard the Lionheart and continues to be a classic tourist site. While you are exploring the castle, stop in at the Cyprus Medieval Museum for a taste of ancient and often romantic Cyprus. The Limassol Nautical Club is the perfect place to charter a boat or learn to sail.

The city of Limassol definitely has the best nightlife on the island. The restaurants are incredible serving regional specialities, favourite Cypriot dishes and international fare. The tavernas, clubs and discos will keep you enthralled well into the night before heading home to your choice of holiday villas Cyprus.

Alexander the Great & Aphrodite

The city of Paphos is the alleged birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite. Paphos is on the southwest coast of the island and like Limassol is abundant in gorgeous beaches, luxurious resorts and Paphos villas. The medieval port area of Paphos is called Kato Paphos and is a sight to behold and now a major tourist location in the city.

Defensive walls still remain near the harbour and were built by the legendary Alexander the Great. The classical architecture of the Villa of Dionysus is breathtaking. The Forty Columns in Kato Paphos is mostly in ruins, but some towers still remain as do the dungeons.

The 4th Century BC, Tombs of the Kings is an impressive archaeological site with the burial tombs carved from solid rock. The Paphos Market can be a bit raucous and chaotic if you aren’t accustomed, but it is must. Paphos sightseeing also includes some wonderful museums. The Paphos Byzantine Museum has lovely little collection and a relaxing courtyard. Paphos Archaeological Museum keeps growing filling its space with ancient Cypriot treasures dating as far back as recorded time in Cyprus.


The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia (Lefkosia). Nicosia is still the largest city and was chosen as the administrative capital of Cyprus because the towns on the sea were much more vulnerable to attacks and raids. In the city centre are the defensive walls built by the Venetians. The city has grown up around the walls leaving them as they were built.

Exploring the Venetians’ Walls is a great walking tour, but be sure to bring some money because the main shopping area, Ledra Street is here. The Presidential Palace has burnt down and been rebuilt twice, the last time during the Turkish Invasion of 1974. It stands resplendent on Presidential Palace Street.

For a true sense of Cypriot goods and crafts spend some time exploring the Nicosia Bazaar in old town. Discover and uncover Cyprus in the Cyprus Museum then wander through the charming Municipal Gardens. If you time it right you can catch a local production at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre. Book cheap flights to Cyprus and rent holiday villas Cyprus now with and begin exploring Nicosia your way.

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