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Area (sq km): 9,250
Population: 780,133
Nationality: Cypriot
Local Name: Cyprus
Language: Greek,
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Currency: 1 euro =
100 cents
Capital: Nicosia
Dialling Code: +357
Electricity: 240V/50Hz
Internet Code: .cy
Religion: Greek Orthodox,
Climate: Mediterranean
Government: Republic
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not Required
Banking: M-F 8.15-12.30, 15.15-17.00
Major Airports: Larnaca(LCA),

Cyprus apartment for Festival of the Flood

A priest walks to the harbour carrying a cross saying prayers as he moves onward. Suddenly he throws the cross into the sea and instantly the onlookers rush into the water to retrieve the cross. Book a Cyprus apartment with and bring yourself to the heart of the Festival of the Flood.


Birth of Aphrodite

June is one of the most beautiful months to rent a Cyprus apartment. It coincides with one of Cyprus’s most fun and slightly pagan events, the Festival of the Flood, aka Kataklysmos. Its origin is actually up for debate. The three main theories include: celebrating the birth of Aphrodite, St Lazarus’s resurrection, and Noah’s survival of the great flood.

Cyprus apartment locations - Flood Festival

Kataklysmos celebrations can be found all over the Mediterranean island of Cyprus with in reach of luxury Cyprus villas. The largest festival is in Larnaka, and Limassol puts on a great show also. Because the date is contingent on the Greek Pentecost and Easter, the five day festival varies year to year. It does however, always fall on the Sunday of Pentecost and the Monday of the Holy Spirit. Kataklysmos usually always falls in June, so book your Cyprus apartment now.

Kataklysmos events

The typical beginning of the festival follows the priest bearing the cross to the water in the harbour. After he says his prayers and throws the sacred cross to the sea the brazen spectators dive into the water to retrieve it. The lucky swimmer brings the cross back to the priest who in turn bestows a blessing on the individual. This signals the start of the festival.

Boat races are a staple to Kataklysmos events as are swimming competitions. On stages and in the streets people dance joyfully to the music and teach the secrets of their traditional dances to tourists when you rent your Cyprus apartment. Tchattista is when singers roast (tease or make of) one another to the crowd’s laughter and delight. The heart and soul of the festival is when people douse each other with water, so be prepared to get wet!

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