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Cayman Islands travel facts

Cayman Islands map
Area (sq km): 262
Population: 44,270
Nationality: Caymanian
Local Name: Cayman Islands
Language: English
Time Zone: - 5 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: George Town
Dialling Code: +345
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ky
Religion: United Church,
Climate: Tropical
Government: British Common Law
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 9.00-16.00
Major Airports: Cayman Brac(CYB),
Grand Cayman(GCM),
Little Cayman(LYB)

Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Exciting Cayman bonefishing, Cayman Islands reef fishing and Cayman deep sea fishing are the three types of rewarding Grand Cayman fishing charters offered by operators when you choose Cayman Islands apartment rentals.

Grand Cayman fishing
Grand Cayman fishing

Since the water temperature only changes by about 10 degrees, Grand Cayman fishing is a year round activity. Because of the minimal variation in the water temperature the small fish stay and so do the game fish. All of this combines to make sport fishing a fantastic activity from Cayman Islands apartment rentals.

There are an abundance of Cayman fishing trip operators around all three islands. Some of the top Cayman fishing operators are Grand Cayman Excursions, Black Princess, Ronald Ebanks and Bayside Watersports. Where better to taste your catch than in your own kitchen or BBQ at Cayman Islands apartment rentals?

Cayman fishing trip

One the fastest growing forms of fishing is fly fishing. While in mainland rivers you be angling for trout or salmon, in the islands it all about the bonefish and tarpon. Bonefish are more popular to real in, hence the name bonefishing in place of fly fishing. Cayman bonefishing has caught on in a big way. You wade out into the shallow flats surrounding any of the three islands with your fly fishing rod and you’ll know as soon as one hits!

Grand Cayman fishing

Grand Cayman fishing is a highlight for all anglers. The boats troll or anchor around the abundance of coral reefs and you won’t believe how lucky you can be. The most likely fish you’ll reel in will be snapper, parrot fish, squirrel fish and porgy.

Grand Cayman fishing is well known throughout the world and the Cayman Islands continue to be a major destination for reef fishing.

Cayman deep sea fishing

Cayman deep sea fishing not only gets you out on the open sea, but just imagine how fast your heart will beat when you struggle to land a 40 kilo tuna! Deep sea fishing guides will help you catch blue marlin, mahi-mahi and wahoo also!

If you are looking for real excitement from Cayman Islands apartment rentals sign up for deep sea fishing excursion. The plunging walls make Cayman deep sea fishing so extraordinary.

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