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Cayman Islands travel facts

Cayman Islands map
Area (sq km): 262
Population: 44,270
Nationality: Caymanian
Local Name: Cayman Islands
Language: English
Time Zone: - 5 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: George Town
Dialling Code: +345
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ky
Religion: United Church,
Climate: Tropical
Government: British Common Law
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 9.00-16.00
Major Airports: Cayman Brac(CYB),
Grand Cayman(GCM),
Little Cayman(LYB)

Pirates of the Caribbean Cayman style !

Swashbuckling real pirates of the Caribbean and wenches parade for the Cayman Pirates Week Festival. Pirates of the Caribbean stage an exciting mock invasion of George Town Harbour. The Pirates Week events that follow are good fun for all when you stay in Cayman villas.

Cayman Pirates Week
Cayman Pirates Week

Pirates of the Caribbean & Blackbeard

Rent Cayman villas, and delve into the seafaring history of the Cayman Islands, a popular haunt for pirates of the Caribbean for ages. The Cayman Islands are remote which made them ideal for the swashbuckling outlaws like Blackbeard and Edward Low. Pirating and privateering is as much a part of the Cayman Islands as the sea turtles that call it home.

Pirates of the Caribbean Sea are so apparent in the culture and history of the Cayman Islands that many streets, cities, festivals, resorts and scuba sites have been named after them. Pirate’s Caves, Pirates Week Festival, Pirate’s Point Resort, Cayman Pirate Cruises and Pirates Den Pub are just a few examples of the pirating legacy.

Cayman pirates invasion

Picture yourself warmed from the sun and laying peacefully on your lounger overlooking George Town Harbour. The gentle Caribbean Sea stretches out endlessly before you in shocking turquoise. Suddenly the beaches become chaotic as cannons explode and pirate ships come into view on the horizon heading right for the harbour!

The opening to the Cayman Pirates Week Festival is mock pirate invasion in George Town. An old Spanish galleon ship, fishing boats and even a submarine land in the harbour and capture the Governor of George Town. And so with a massive Cayman Pirates invasion the magical Pirates Week Festival begins! Get in on the invasion by renting Cayman villas near George Town.

Pirates Week events

The festival centres mainly in George Town on Grand Cayman Island for the final week in October. For the entire week the city is just amazing! Booking Cayman villas for this festival might just be the best time to come to George Town. Pirate costumes are sold months in advanced and there are serious competitions for “Best Pirate Costume.”

The costumes are also put to good use during the parade following the pirate’s invasion in George Town Harbour. The pirates and wenches make their way through town in a procession guided by the rhythmic beats of the ever so Caribbean steel drums. The Heritage Days are among the best parts of the Pirates Week events. Past participating districts are Northside, West Bay, Bodden Town (home of the Pirate’s Caves), George Town and East End.

Each day of the festival one of these districts is highlighted and features heritage exhibits like handicrafts, foods and musical talent. If you have any energy after the night time parties test yourself during the 10k run. There are great fireworks, a sea turtle release and a mock pirate’s trail. The fantastic Pirates Week events will have glad you came to Grand Cayman!

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