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Cayman Islands travel facts

Cayman Islands map
Area (sq km): 262
Population: 44,270
Nationality: Caymanian
Local Name: Cayman Islands
Language: English
Time Zone: - 5 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: George Town
Dialling Code: +345
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .ky
Religion: United Church,
Climate: Tropical
Government: British Common Law
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-F 9.00-16.00
Major Airports: Cayman Brac(CYB),
Grand Cayman(GCM),
Little Cayman(LYB)

Cayman Island apartment rental for Arts Week

For one week in mid-February, well known artists share their extraordinary prowess during Grand Cayman Arts Week. The Cayman Arts Festival showcases a range of musical talents and the impromptu theatre of the Cayman Better Read than Dead. Choose a Cayman Island apartment rental to discover Cayman Arts Festival.

Harlem Gospel Choir
Harlem Gospel Choir

The first Cayman Arts Festival took place in February 2004 on Grand Cayman Island. Since 2004, despite Hurricane Ivan, the Cayman Arts Festival has been thriving. A number of different artists from around the globe grace the stages in Grand Cayman. Visitors come to Cayman Island apartment rental and performers come from nearby islands, the US, the UK and even as far away as Sydney, Australia.

Using a Cayman Island apartment rental as a base, listen to orchestras, operas, jazz, classical, rock, reggae and baroque music. One of the highlights is always the Better Read than Dead Society. Workshops are available and many performers also take time to visit the local schools to work with children.

Cayman Arts Festival venues and artists

The Cayman Arts Festival takes place for one week in mid-February. Past Cayman Arts Festival venues have included the Marriott Hotel, First Baptist Church on Crewe Road and Bacchus Restaurant.

The Cayman Arts Festival artists have included the famous Harlem Gospel Choir, Deborah Riedel, Bones Apart, Roy Ayres, Wayne Marshall, West Palm Beach Opera, Cayman National Orchestra and Cayman National Choir.

Cayman Better Read than Dead

The phrase “better read than dead” originated in the West End theatres of London. This is a movement in the theatre world. The Cayman Better Read than Dead Society has grown up around this movement of experimental theatre. Instead of reading and rehearsing, the company chooses obscure plays that you are sure to never had heard of.

The actors join on stage not knowing what their role will be or even which play they will be performing. They draw everything from a hat; characters and plays, and away they go.

This often ends in hilarity as the actors have a lot fun with the impromptu show often times including the audience in the performance. The Cayman Better Read than Dead Society performance has always been a favourite of the Cayman Arts Festival. Enjoy all the festivities when you book a Cayman Island apartment rental with

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