Car Rental

Car Rental

You can find your perfect car rental at the right price before you head off on holiday with Use the specialised Directory Search facility below to find the most suitable deal on car rental USA, Canada, UK, Europe.

When booking a car rental try a range of companies and don’t rush into any decisions. Remember, renting a car need not break the bank. If you looking for car rental in USA, Canada, UK, Europe use our Directory Search field below to find the best deals.

Compare Car Rental prices

The first piece of advice is to compare car rental prices and always choose a car that is the right size for you and stick to it! You will pay over the odds for larger cars or bigger engines. This is especially true for luxury car rental or specialist car rental like sports cars, convertibles and SUVs. Secondly, consider renting your vehicle away from the airport, whether it be in the local town or a short courtesy bus trip away, there are large savings to be had.

Car rental insurance

Be sure that you know what car rental insurance you are getting and in some cases what you may already have. Some travel insurance policies and credit cards include car rental insurance and therefore may cover the cost of repairs should something go wrong. If you end up declining the insurance from the rental company, then be sure that you have read and understood the fine print first.

It is often advisable to take the extended car rental insurance that is offered, it usually only costs a little extra but could save you a lot in the long run. These extended car rental insurance policies will usually reduce the amount of excess and also increase the quantity of cover. Remember, you can be held responsible for the full repair amount should you (or anybody else) damage your rental car while it is in your possession.

Choosing a car rental company

To get the best rate possible, make sure when choosing a car rental company that you compare prices by searching online. Look for that off-site (airport) company and look out for special weekend or week-long deals. ALL car rental companies will negotiate so try sending an email with a specific request and price. Let them know you have been offered your expected price elsewhere and you want them to match it….you’ll be surprised how often it works.

Beware extra car rental charges

Always check if there will be any extra charges for car rental that could increase the base rental rate offered. These charges or ‘extras’ usually include Collision Damage Waiver fees; deposits; airport surcharges and/or drop-off fees; extra fuel charges; extra mileage fees; local or airport taxes; additional-driver fees; and out-of-country charges. There may also be charges for optional equipment such as sat nav, baby seats, roof racks, etc.

Airline car rental partners

Be sure to check airline car rental partners for good deals. If the airline or ferry company you’re traveling with has an affiliated car rental company, then many offer special rates to customers travelling with that airline/ferry on the day of rental. Also, find out if your credit card, travel insurance or even loyalty card company has similar affiliations.

Good luck and happy hunting!