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Barbados travel facts

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Area (sq km): 430
Population: 279,254
Nationality: Barbadian,
Local Name: Barbados
Language: Bajan,
Time Zone: -4 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: Bridgetown
Dialling Code: +1 246
Electricity: 110V/50Hz
Internet Code: .bb
Religion: Protestant,
Climate: Tropical Oceanic
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Required
Banking: M-Th 8.00-15.00,
F 8.00-17.00
Major Airports: Bridgetown(BGI)

Barbados accommodation & entertainment

Need some fabulous entertainment in Barbados? Shopping from Barbados accommodation is excellent, while Barbados music can transport you to a different world. Awaken your taste buds by dining in Barbados and don’t forget the rum punches!

Barbados steel drum band
Barbados steel drum band

If you have not heard of the great shopping in Barbados, you have not been listening. Many of the island nations of the Caribbean excel in creating works of art that are typical of their culture and heritage. Many items are exotic and rare so when you’ve filled your bags you can drop them off at Barbados accommodation and then start again!

Barbados shopping & Pelican Village

Visit Pelican Village for the best Barbados shopping. Not only are the goods plentiful, but here you can see how everything is made from the hands of the artisans themselves. Shopping in Bridgetown might also leave your wallet a bit lighter. There are myriad of excellent craft stores and jewellery stores selling fine specimens of native treasures. Don’t like to pay taxes? The duty-free stores in Barbados can accommodate you expertly.

If you fancy rhythmic sounds and music to move your hips, Barbados music is absolutely perfect! The sensual calypso beats will have you moving and your mind easing. Reggae in Barbados will help you settle into the wonderful carefree spirit of island life and leisure. Suddenly the world seems far away after listening to the beats of the steel drum bands.

Barbados accommodation & Barbados music

Barbados music has been gaining a following around the world and you can experience it in its home and yours when you rent Barbados accommodation. Some excellent venues to check out are the 1627, All That and Bajan Roots and Rhythms Show at the Plantation in Barbados. If you would like to get a feel for the beats before you get to the island listen to the sounds of John King, The Plantation Band, world famous Arturo Tappin and Allison Hinds.

Barbados restaurants & Barbados cuisine

Barbados restaurants and Barbados cuisine are delightful. The Barbadian people are excellent hosts and hostesses and their naturally warm nature will have you feeling welcome and at home eating Barbados cuisine in their restaurants. Barbados cuisine is heavy in seafood and the fish are fresh and oh so tasty. The tropical island is home to luscious fruits that you will find in many courses of Barbados cuisine.

When dining in Barbados keep in mind that while lunch is casual, dining takes on a more formal air. For beach dining with music try Weisers Restaurant. L’Azure is an award winning restaurant serving light fare. For local specialities try the flavours at Boucan’s. The Sunbury Plantation House has an extensive menu with delightful seafood and a romantic ambiance... all fantastic examples of Barbados cuisine from Barbados accommodation rentals.

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