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Area (sq km): 7,686,850
Population: 20,434,176
Nationality: Australian
Local Name: Australia
Language: English
Time Zone: +8 - +10 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: Canberra
Dialling Code: +61
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Internet Code: .au
Religion: Catholic,
Other Christian
Climate: Arid,
Government: Federal Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not required
Banking: M-F 9.30-17.00
Major Airports: Adelaide(ADL),

Driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia

While driving the Great Ocean Road you will encounter numerous charming towns and the sights of Twelve Apostles, Bells Beach, the London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and so much more. This is sure to be one of your favourite holidays!

Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road is one of the finest scenic drives in the world. It stretches approximately 290km from the surf city of Torquay to Warranambool where it joins the Princes Highway. The Great Ocean Road is in Victoria in southwest Australia beginning only 100km from Melbourne. Search for Australia accommodation today and begin planning your holiday along the majestic and dramatic coastline of Australia.

Great Ocean Road

Along the Great Ocean Road are jagged cliffs, wildlife unique to Australia, stunning rock formations, old whaling villages, famed surf locations and windy beaches. Take your time travelling the Great Ocean Road as it has so much to offer.

Spend your nights at cosy B&Bs, first-class hotels or beachside cottages. The food along the way is excellent made from fresh seafood, locally grown produce and fine wines of the region. Driving the Great Ocean Road will have you marvelling at each and every turn!

Bannockburn Vineyards

The gorgeous natural coastline is only enhanced further by the charming and welcoming towns on route. Geelong is Victoria’s second largest city and specialises in fabulous cool temperature wines like Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Visit Bannockburn Vineyards and Jindalee Estate to taste the best wine in the area.

Queenscliff is on the Bellarine Peninsula and is the home of Surfer’s Paradise and fishing galore! Lorne is a major holiday destination on the Great Ocean Road. Its massive expanse of golden beaches lead out to Louttit Bay and Lorne edges the immense Otway Rainforest.

Lorne is bursting with activities for visitors like bushwalking, fishing, waterfalls, shipwreck exploration, shopping and golfing. Lorne is also the culinary pulse of the towns on the Great Ocean Road.

Apollo Bay sits along the coast amongst the green rolling hills of the Otway Range. Hordern Vale is a small village beyond charming Apollo Bay and is the beginning of some superb bushwalks leading past waterfalls, petrified forests and rugged cliffs.

Twelve Apostles and Bells Beach

The many Great Ocean Road sights make the journey one of the greatest drives in the world. The two names that always conjure images of the windswept beaches and magnificent cliffs of the Great Ocean Road are Bells Beach and the Twelve Apostles.

Bells Beach is one of the biggest names in surfing in Australia and the world. Every Easter it is host the ASP World Championship Tour. Its massive ocean swells test even the most experienced surfer. The Twelve Apostles is located in between Port Campbell and Princetown. The Twelve Apostles is a grouping of rock formations jutting out of the ocean off the beach in Port Campbell National Park.

The relentless waves have claimed four of the towers leaving only eight standing. Another interesting ocean rock formation is the London Bridge, now called the London Arch due to erosion. The Loch Ard Gorge is another testament to the force of erosion where the pounding waves slowly chip away at the shore. Begin your search here for great Australia accommodation along the Great Ocean Road.

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