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Area (sq km): 7,686,850
Population: 20,434,176
Nationality: Australian
Local Name: Australia
Language: English
Time Zone: +8 - +10 GMT
Currency: 1 dollar =
100 cents
Capital: Canberra
Dialling Code: +61
Electricity: 230V/50Hz
Internet Code: .au
Religion: Catholic,
Other Christian
Climate: Arid,
Government: Federal Parliamentary Democracy
Inoculations: None
Driving: Left
Int'l License: Not required
Banking: M-F 9.30-17.00
Major Airports: Adelaide(ADL),

Bondi Beach - Surf, sun & fun!

A visit to Australia would not be complete without a few days on famous Bondi Beach. Arguably the most famous of all Australia beaches, Bondi Beach is a gorgeous golden sand beach which stretches for one sunbathed kilometre. Enjoy a combination of sunbathing, swimming and surfing along with millions of Australians and travellers alike each year. Find beautiful Bondi accommodation with

Bondi Beach surfing
Bondi Beach surfing

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is located in Sydney in New South Wales on the east coast. Some say that Bondi Beach has a lifestyle of its own where athletic young men, lovely looking ladies and other mere mortals gather to enjoy the Australian outdoor life.

Bondi Beach suburb is a popular area located in the vicinity of the beach with a good variety of restaurants, coffee bars, shops and markets catering to all of your holiday needs when you book Australia accommodation near Bondi Beach.

Bondi means “water breaking over rocks” in the Aboriginal language. Bondi Beach’s legendary origins date back to 1851 when an area of land facing the sea was granted to William Roberts. Later on it was purchased by Edward Smith Hall and Francis O’Brien and was then called The Bondi Estate. Finally, in 1882, Bondi Beach became a public beach.

Bondi Beach surfing

Many movies and TV programmes have been filmed on Bondi Beach and in most of them surfing is part of the story or even the main character. Surfing is indeed a very popular sport in Australia and such is the passion for this skilful watersport on Bondi Beach that some people go surfing before and after work and school.

What a great thrill it is to watch good surfing on Bondi Beach! Unforgettable! Notably, the beach lifeguards are heroes due to the innumerable lives they have saved.

The Surf Patrol are constantly patrolling the beach and outer water as sudden rip currents might take swimmers instantly out to sea. For this reason flags are set up every day, marking the safer swimming areas so do take heed and make your holiday as safe as possible!

Bondi Beach is quite rightly one of the most popular of Australia Beaches. With plenty to see and do on and around the beach itself, including stunning coastal walks to Bronte and beyond, the renowned Icebergs Club and great Bondi accommodation nearby, it's no surprise that in Bondi, life's a beach!

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